EXLAR: Three decades of highly reliable industrial valve automation

Changing the Game. Exlar has engineered highly reliable electric actuation for three decades beginning with the invention of the first electric inverted roller screw servo actuator. A few of the many industries where Exlar actuators made impressive automation innovations include Automotive, Defense, Food & Beverage, and Oil & Gas where an explosion proof version was developed resulting in superior performance.

Electric Valve Actuation Innovation. High-performance electric actuators with a roller screw drive train from Curtiss-Wright Exlar offer superior life and reliability that exceeds the rugged demands of the process industry. For over 25 years Exlar has been a leader in electric valve control actuation, beginning with its Tritex EXP24 and EL100 introduced in 1996 until today.

 In 2013 Exlar introduced the general purpose Tritex® TDM075 actuator with integrated electronics to Upstream Oil & Gas applications. It achieved hazardous location certification, offering the first electric actuation solution that exceeded the performance of existing pneumatic actuators. Now — a decade later — another breakthrough product is introduced, the Tritex® EVA080 electric valve actuator. It is the most rugged Tritex configuration to date.

The Tritex® EVA080 is a high-performance, high-speed actuator designed to meet today’s zero emissions industry regulations. With this new innovation, you can meet today's strict regulations without compromising performance or speed when switching from pneumatic to electric.

Exlar Oil & Gas History 

Oil & Gas Industry Regulations

Controlling Air Pollution. Methane — a global warming greenhouse gas — is the largest industrial source of emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that one third of the warming from greenhouse gases occurring today is due to human-caused emissions of methane.

According to the EPA, the largest source of methane emissions in the United States comes from the oil and natural gas industry. Through the Clean Air Act and Methane Emissions Reduction Program (MERP), the EPA has the responsibility and authority to sharpy cut methane pollution.

Quad-O Regulation. In 2011 the EPA introduced the Code of Federal Regulations 40, Part 60, Subpart 000 (Quad-O) which significantly tightened the regulations on the oil & gas industry. Originally applied to new or modified facilities the regulation has expanded over the years to encompass more sites and applications. Quad-O will continue to expand with the implementation of the proposed OOOOc which is expected to go in effect late 2023 and for the first time will effect existing installations.

MERP. Implemented in 2022 MERP was designed to complement the EPA’s Quad-O regulation by filling in regulation gaps with the goal of further reducing methane emissions. MERP contains both financial incentives in the form of funding as well as imposes incrementally increasing charges for waste emissions starting in 2024 ($900 to $1,500 per ton by 2026) for waste emissions above thresholds.


Tritex EVA solutions for Quad-O and MERP

EVA and Quad-O

Eliminate Methane Emissions with Exlar Electric Actuators

For oil & gas production companies, methane emissions via pneumatic venting has become a major cost issue from lost gas revenue, potential fines, EPA reporting requirements and strict area classifications. Remote sites often use natural gas-powered pneumatic controllers for process control. The controllers are designed to continuously bleed natural gas resulting in significant methane emissions to the atmosphere. New studies are showing emissions from these low bleed pneumatic actuators are higher than original EPA national emission projections, which could impact the original regulations. In addition, the use of any device that vents methane in an enclosed area forces the area to be classified as Class 1 Division1 explosion proof, adding to the cost of equipment.

A solution to these venting problems is the use of an electric actuator in place of pneumatics, completely eliminating the venting of methane. This regains the lost vented gas revenue, reduces the need for emission monitoring and could allow for re-classification for many enclosed separator batteries to Class 1 Division 2 status.

Compare the benefits of an electric system over a pneumatic system.

Electric SystemPneumatic System
 Efficiency & Emissions
 Energy Usage: Low High
 Green-house Emissions: Zero-Emissions High

 Actuator Price: Higher than pneumatic Lower actuator cost
 System Price: Low, power wiring, power supply High, air supply, piping, pneumatic valves, etc.
 Installation Labor Price: Low High

 Time to Open/Close: As little as a second; speed does not affect actuator life As fast as several seconds, quick speeds negatively affect system life
 Installation Footprint: Compact, lightweight Large, complex, and heavy
 Controllable Thrust/Speed: Programmable speed, position, thrust Very limited 
 Commissioning: Easy-to-use Expert PC tool Complicated system install
 Fail-safe Mode: Possible with 3rd party components Not easily possible
 System Construction: Robust design Fragile components, sensitive to vibration
 Onboard Diagnostics: Yes No

 Repair & Replace: Field serviceable, spares available Low maintenance efficiency, specialized parts
 Ongoing Maintenance: Minimum system components for minimum maintenance  
 Maintain fittings, hoses, compressor, supporting air components, mechanical wear  

Related Applications

Flow Control - Our flow control actuators easily retrofit to existing control valves and provide accurate and precise modulating control. Designed for precision and long life, Exlar electric actuators for gate valves are well suited for harsh environments where dependability is necessary. 

Choke Valves - On well sites, where proper pressure control is essential, electric actuators are now being used to effectively manage choke valve applications. The industry leading response time and greater stiffness of these actuators can’t be beat. 

Pressure Control - Accurate, repeatable pressure control is vital to oil and gas pipelines. Our robust actuators outperform competition in Class 1 Division 2 applications in both northern and southern climates. We offer high performance solutions that meet today’s environmental standards. 

Dump Valves - Intelligent electric valve actuators from Exlar® easily retrofit in place of traditional pneumatic diaphragm actuators on separator dump valves for simple on / off control. Those same actuators are also capable of precisely modulating the flow of product through the valve, offering control engineers new process capabilities not previously available. 

Plunger Lift - Exlar® electric valve actuators offer a simple, maintenance free, robust, and reliable solution for plunger lift applications. Exlar actuators provide cleaner alternative to traditional pneumatic diaphragm valve actuation that is both networkable and programmable. 

Chemical Injection - Roller screw electric actuators from Exlar® provide extreme precision for chemical injection pumps, minimizing waste and maximizing your bottom line. Designed for continuous duty operation, Exlar actuators maintain their precision over tens of millions of cycles making them ideal for chemical injection applications.

Exlar Oil & Gas applicationsUpstream Applications 

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