Enabled™ Technology Licensing Partner

The Rockwell Automaton Enabled technology partnership allows users to realize the same “plug-and-play” experience with Exlar’s GTX, GSX, and GSM integrated motor/actuators or Rockwell Automation actuators. The Rockwell Automation technology licensing program allows Exlar to extend the benefits of Rockwell Automation’s Integrated Architecture to a broader range of products, providing simplification and ease of use to our mutual customers.


Enabled products incorporate technology that is licensed from Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc. Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc. has not technically approved, nor does it warrant or support these products. All warranty and support for these products and their application is provided solely by Exlar Corporation. 

Please visit the information links below for more details.

CMF File Import Instructions

GSX CMF Files Please note that .cmf files apply only to linear actuators. Contact Exlar for support in choosing the correct motor file for your actuator. ALL ROTARY ACTUATOR .CMF FILES MUST BE REQUESTED THROUGH THE ROCKWELL DISTRIBUTOR.

All available CMF files

RSLogix 5000 CMF Import Tool

Exlar / Rockwell Automation Product Compatibility Matrix

Exlar AOI

Enabled™ is a trademark of Rockwell Automation, Inc.

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