Actuation Systems

Actuation Systems

Comprehensive Modelling and Simulation Expertise

  • Critical to reducing risk through the design, development and certification process

  • Supports customers’ Systems Integration Lab and flight testing

  • Prediction of on-aircraft performance using aircraft interface parameters

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Actuation Systems

Power and Control Electronics for Actuation Systems

  • Motor control
  • Fault monitoring
  • Digital communications with aircraft systems


Vertical Integration

  • In-house development of all key actuation system components: motors, gearing, accessories, position sensors
  • Minimizes development lead times
  • Enables a fully customised solution to meet unique application requirements



  • Flight Control Actuation Systems
  • Payload Bay Door Drive Systems
  • Landing gear actuation systems Utility actuation systems



  • PC-24 Flap and Spoiler Actuation System
  • A350F Main Deck Cargo Door Actuation System
  • F-22 Main & Side Weapons Bay Door Drive Systems
  • Boeing P8-A MMA Weapons Bay Door Actuation

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