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Exlar Electromechanical Actuators for Food & Beverage / Packaging

Exlar offers reliable roller screw driven electromechanical actuators configured to meet the harsh demands of washdown environments in food & beverage applications, and the high speed/high duty cycle demands in packaging applications.

Electromechanical actuators are an ideal replacement for fluid powered actuation for those OEM’s looking to improve overall equipment effectiveness(OEE) with advantages in these areas:

  • Reliable to eliminate failures and downtime
  • Flexible/programable to changeover product on the fly
  • Accurate and repeatable to increase quality and reduce waste
  • Efficient to reduce power machine power consumption
  • Oil free to eliminate potential leaks and maintenance
  • Electric to eliminate the need for pumps, compressors, hoses
  • Quite to eliminate noise from pumps and compressors

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Exlar electromechanical actuators transmit torque from the motor to force at the rod end using precision ground roller screws, these screws can provide advantages over other electromechanical linear technologies in these areas:

  • High rigidity - increases accuracy
  • Life - up to 15x longer than ball screws, even longer when compared to other screw technologies
  • Able to withstand high shock and vibration
  • Able to be taken apart for regreasing in the field


Actuators Improve Overall Equipment EffectivenessFTX in service at milk processing plant

With increasing concerns surrounding food safety, hydraulic systems are no longer desirable in food-producing companies due to the potential risks of food contamination from oil leakage. Electromechanical actuators are ideally suited to meet the requirements governing food processing, while eliminating the need for hydraulic oil, pumps, hoses, filters, etc. Maintenance can also be kept to a minimum, eliminating the need for frequent oil and filter changes. Electromechanical actuators are the very best when accuracy and repeatability are required, so exact portion control can be met. Read more about How Electric Actuation Saved Switzerland’s Leading Milk Processor 60% in Power Consumption

Related Applications

Dispensing / filling / injecting - Exlar® electromechanical actuators allow for precise depositing of liquids, gels, foods, and plastics. These applications often require flexibility, precision, speed, and 24/7 operation, making Exlar actuators the ideal choice. 

Slicing / Processing / mixing - Slicing or cutting in any manufacturing process requires accuracy and repeatability for desired tool life and reduced downtime.  Exlar® electromechanical actuators can eliminate unnecessary crashing or damage to cutting and processing tools.

Sealing / pressing - Exlar® electromechanical actuators can be used for sealing  These applications often require force repeatability, speed, and 24/7 operation, making Exlar actuators the ideal choice. 

Forming / packaging - As consumer demand for variety increases, packaging equipment must become more flexible, adapting to more challenging shapes and sizes. Exlar® electromechanical actuators can be preprogrammed to adapt to a near infinite number of profiles, available at the touch of a button.

Molding - Molding applications can have challenges associated with impact loads and heat.  Exlar® electromechanical actuators driven with roller screws and lubricated with oil make an ideal choice for these applications.

Diverting/material handling - The robustness of Exlar® electromechanical actuators have been proven to handle the roughest of environments.  

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Success Stories

Industrial - Exlar, Success Stories
Recognized leader in automated liquid dispensing systems replaces ball screw actuator with GSX series to improve the quality and life of their product, while reducing downtime and maintenance.
Industrial - Exlar, Success Stories
Previously performed by pneumatics, our Tritex Series actuators were able to achieve more accuracy, repeatability, and longer life in a smaller space. Giving the customer exactly what they wanted.
Industrial - Exlar, Success Stories
Exlar’s GSX series actuators are very compact, which allowed Osgood to actually reduce the amount of space in the machine for the motion control solution.
Industrial - Exlar, White Papers
German dispensing equipment manufacturer developed two unique new dispensing systems capable of accommodating low to high viscosity and even abrasive materials.
Industrial - Exlar, Electric Actuation Articles
At Osgood Industries, the preferred device actuating the pistons driving the pumps that deliver yogurt into their containers is a linear roller screw actuator with servo motor.
Industrial - Exlar, Case Studies
The GSX Series provides a wash-down compatible, sealed design in a compact package. Replacing the fluid power cylinders resulted in better performance, less maintenance, and longer life.
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Industrial - Exlar, Brochures/Catalogs
Industrial - Exlar, Brochures/Catalogs
Industrial - Exlar, Brochures/Catalogs
Let Exlar® help you optimize your manufacturing processes with our energy efficient, robust, and reliable electro-mechanical actuators
Industrial - Exlar, Brochures/Catalogs
Industrial - Exlar, Brochures/Catalogs
Industrial - Exlar, Brochures/Catalogs
Industrial - Exlar, Product Videos
Our animation highlights the features and benefits of Exlar GTX Series Actuators.
Industrial - Exlar, Brochures/Catalogs
Industrial - Exlar, Brochures/Catalogs
Industrial - Exlar, Brochures/Catalogs
Highlights the benefits of switching from hydraulic cylinders to electric actuators
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White Papers

Industrial - Exlar, White Papers
Hydraulics have been widely used for decades. Hydraulic leaks, inefficiency, and inaccuracy are just a few reasons people are transferring technologies.
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Putting together a motion control system that meets your requirements for speed, accuracy, and flexibility can often be a challenge. Find out what decisions need to be made to optimize your system.
Industrial - Exlar, White Papers
Understanding how various motion control technologies, mounting methods, and design factors impact rigidity is key to implementing actuator solutions that provide control and performance.
Industrial - Exlar, White Papers
The Food & Beverage & Packaging industries have been looking for solutions to the following: energy efficiency, increased production & quality, reduction of environmental impacts, new safety standards
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