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Industrial - Exlar, White Papers
When developing a pressing system for use in automobile manufacturing lines, the machine builder needs to maximize throughput while minimizing cost, actuator selection for these machines is critical.
Ground and Naval Defense, White Papers
Benefits of EMAs together with PAC and VFD technologies include higher availability of operations due to reduced complexity of the system’s design, improved comprehensive diagnostics, and more.
Aerospace, Certifications
Industrial - Exlar, Case Studies
Exlar offers several families of all electric, servo linear actuators designed to fit and mount in the same space as hydraulic cylinders.
Industrial - Exlar, Actuator Technical Tips
Industrial - Exlar, Product Videos
We highlight several different applications we have been successful with in this video.
Industrial - Exlar, Success Stories
Using a GSX servo actuator with its integrated roller screw and motor, Colpitt was able to achieve a quick transfer motion combined with a controlled low speed move, pressing at the end of each move.
Industrial - Exlar, Brochures/Catalogs
Industrial - Exlar, Electric Actuation Articles
Electric actuators based on servo-motor and roller-screw technologies can enable a responsive and accurate electric actuator solution that‘s well suited for valve control
Industrial - Exlar, Manuals

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