Compliance Certificates and Product Conformity

Exlar’s patented actuator technology offers many times the life of ball screw actuators and provides an efficient electro-mechanical replacement for your hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders. These digitally controlled products offer several advantages over other technologies. In providing innovative solutions for industry, compliance with American as well as Global standards becomes necessary.

Certifications are the provision by independent bodies of written assurance that the product, service or system in question meets specific requirements. Below is a list of Exlar’s certifications.

Curtiss-Wright Conflict Minerals Reporting

REACH Compliance Statement


ATEX Quality Assurance Notification

IECEx Quality Assessment Report


Aerospace Certifications

AS 7003 - Chemical Processing

AS 7003 - Nadcap Heat Treating

AS 7003 - NonDestructive Testing

AS 9100

CAAC - with extension

CIN020 - Using your ANAB approval mark

EASA - Valid Thru 7-31-2024

FAA ACESP Executive Summary - 04-07-17

FAA Air Agency Cert Only

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