Intelligent Drive | Motor | Actuator

Intelligent Drive | Motor | Actuator


Ground and Naval Defense

  • In both linear and rotary configurations
  • L080 maximum force 2330 lb-f
  • R080 continuous torque 24.7 lb-in
  • Manual Drive 
  • Voltage enhanced IVB60 technology
  • Optimized with BPF24 brake technology
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Intelligent Drive | Motor | Actuator

The SMART electric actuators (SA Series) with integral motor and controls were designed specifically for the most extreme conditions when significant downtime is a serious cost. They offer absolute position control with an integral multi-turn encoder allowing for precise positioning. These advanced intelligent electric actuators are suitable for a wide range of applications including those below:

Autonomous vehicle or robotics applications

  • End effector rotary or linear motion
  • Arm elevation or azimuth

Vehicle externally operated systems

  • Antennae deployment
  • Tow/winch operation
  • Ramp lift/lower

Driver assist technology

  • Armored door assist
  • Heavy duty hatch open/close operation

Field deployed mast or radar systems

  • Elevation
  • Precision positioning

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