Rotary Geared Actuators

Rotary Geared Actuators

The Original "Power Hinge " Rotary Geared Actuator

Over 60 years ago, Curtiss-Wright designed and patented the original “Power Hinge” rotary actuator (RGA) which provides actuation in a small diameter package. Today, thousands of our RGAs are currently in service on commercial and military aircraft, demonstrating our rugged, dependable service.

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Rotary Geared Actuators

The RGA is ideal for many actuation applications including:

  • Cargo Door Actuation
  • Weapons Bay Door Actuation
  • Canopy Actuation
  • Leading Edge Flap Actuation
  • Trailing Edge Flap Actuation
  • Wing Fold Actuation
  • Hingeline Actuation for Ground Defense Applications
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