• Rugged and reliable
  • High force density
  • High speed
  • Programmable and precise

Electric Actuators Accelerate Sawmill Operations

Milling-Small_originalLinear electric actuators provide an ideal replacement for hydraulic cylinders that are typically used for positioning in sawmills. Whether applied to canter saws or edging saws, the robust design of the GTX and FTX Series actuators are built to withstand this rugged environment. Powerful electric actuators provide accurate positioning at high speed and with high force. By taking advantage of the planetary roller screw technology in Exlar® actuators, you can achieve many times the load capacity and travel life of traditional ball screws. Similarly, they offer higher tolerance to shock loads and greater stiffness.

Advantages of Linear Electric Actuators

By eliminating the need for oil, our electro-mechanical actuators are both environmentally responsible and are easier to maintain. In fact, for those who make the conversion, oil leaks and the associated maintenance are a thing of the past. Additionally, electric actuators are more efficient than hydraulics and pneumatics, so you save on energy costs.

Benefits of Servo Technology

Taking advantage of all-electric servo-based actuators eliminates costly hydraulic cylinder set-up, ongoing maintenance and environmental concerns. Utilizing servo technology and a completely sealed package, the GSX Series actuators from Exlar can be used in place of most hydraulic cylinders. The conversion process is typically clean and easy. Additionally cylinder style mounting options are available, as well as standard cylinder rod end attachments.


How do I order?

If you know which component you would like to order, you can get in touch with Curtiss Wright Actuation with your details and a member of our team will call you to discuss your specific application requirements to better assist.

Where is my nearest stockist?

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Related Applications

Improves the finished product

Log Cutter no backgroundIncreasing saw cut accuracy improves finished quality and reduces waste. Roller screw actuators from Exlar® offer the precision, high force, and rugged durability required for blade positioning without the mess and maintenance of a traditional hydraulic cylinder.

Providing safety and improving quality

clampExlar® electro-mechanical actuators provide precise and programmable clamping force over millions of cycles with minimal maintenance, improving the quality and structural integrity of finished parts.

The durability of hydraulic cylinders

exlar-fence4High force, roller screw electric actuators from Exlar® provide the high force density and rugged durability of the hydraulic cylinders they were designed to replace, but without the mess and maintenance headaches. Their high precision improves accuracy which minimizes waste, adding to your bottom line.

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