Exlar’s GSX Actuators Help Osgood Industries Save Space on Filling Machines

Machines that fill containers with yogurt or other similar products.

Osgood Industries, located in Oldsmar, Florida, is a leading manufacturer of machinery for filling applications. They produce machines for a variety of different industries from food and beverage to medical and personal care.

Osgood Industries used a variety of methods, from air cylinders to servo motor/gearbox combinations, to control the nozzles on the filling mechanism. These mechanisms took up a large amount of space and made it difficult to control the exact amount of product loaded in to each container. As such, Osgood was looking for an alternative solution which would allow for more precise filling of each container. They also needed a compact solution because of the limited space in their filling machines. Osgood wanted a product that would eliminate the need to purchase multiple components and reduce assembly time. Finally, Osgood needed a motion control system that would operate for 10 years without replacement.

Exlar’s GSX series actuators provided an ideal solution for Osgood Industries’ requirements. The GSX actuators allowed for very precise control of the volume of product loaded into each container. Furthermore, Exlar’s GSX series actuators are very compact, which allowed Osgood to actually reduce the amount of space in the machine for the motion control solution. With Exlar’s GSX actuators, Osgood did not have to purchase various components such as motors, actuators, and mounting hardware, reducing the amount of time they had to spend on engineering. Moreover, with a reduced component count assembly time was reduced and reliability increased. In addition, Exlar’s actuators have proven they will last, running for up to fifteen years in other similar applications.

  • More precise filling of containers
  • Reduced the amount of space required for the control of the filling nozzles
  • Long life
  • Has led to the use of Exlar actuators on other Osgood Industries machines

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