19 July 2022

Curtiss-Wright Selected by Airbus to Supply Actuation Technology for eXtra performance WING Demonstrator

Curtiss-Wright to provide innovative electro-mechanical actuation system for use on Airbus UpNext demonstrator focused on reducing CO2 emissions of future aircraft

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FARNBOROUGH INTERNATIONAL AIRSHOW, FARNBOROUGH, U.K. – July 19, 2022 –Curtiss-Wright's Actuation Division today announced that it has been selected by Airbus UpNext to provide custom actuation technology for use on the eXtra performance WING demonstrator project. The project, which will explore active control technologies to improve wing performance, includes an intelligent wing tip, known as a semi-aeroelastic hinge. The project holds great potential for the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Under the contract, Curtiss-Wright will provide Airbus UpNext with an actuation system for control of the semi-aeroelastic hinge on the scaled demonstrator aircraft. The demonstrator integrates the eXtra performance WING on a Cessna Citation VII business jet platform.  The Curtiss-Wright actuation system features the complete package of systems for enabling the semi-aeroelastic hinge function.

"We are very proud to have been selected by Airbus UpNext to support their breakthrough eXtra performance WING project with our unique electro-mechanical actuation technology,” said Phil Bowker,  Senior General Manager, Curtiss-Wright Actuation Division. “This represents the first major business agreement with Airbus UpNext for our Shelby, North Carolina facility, and the project’s focus on decarbonization and improved efficiency are very much in line with our own strategy. What’s more, we are excited to be working with the Airbus UpNext business.”

The semi-aeroelastic hinge technology enables a more efficient wing design that improves aircraft fuel burn and reduces environmental impact. The demonstrator will improve and optimize wing aerodynamics and performance for future commercial aircraft, regardless of propulsion solution and aircraft configuration.

Curtiss-Wright designs and manufactures its electric actuation products at its Shelby, N.C., Stratford, Ontario, and Neuhausen am Rheinfall, Switzerland facilities.

For more information about Curtiss-Wright’s Actuation Division, please visit www.cw-actuation.com

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