Extrak Series Rodless Actuators

Extrak Series Rodless Actuators

Rodless Linear Actuators

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  • Legacy Product Line - Try our K Series.
  • Offers a complete line of rodless actuators.
  • Designed for heavy duty applications.
  • The most robust mechanical drive possible.
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Extrak Series Rodless Actuators

Exlar, the leading supplier of industrial servo controlled actuators, now offers a complete line of rodless actuators. Exlar’s Extrak Series rodless actuators complement Exlar’s “long life” line of rod style actuators and create, in one source, the broadest offering of electric linear actuators anywhere. This addition makes Exlar your one-stop solution center for all your linear and rotary actuator needs.

Exlar’s products are designed for heavy duty [continuous motion] applications and are ideal for industrial positioning or material handling applications with their high speed and long stroke length capabilities. Electric actuators from Exlar will perform millions of operations over the life span of your machine. Like Exlar’s rod style actuators, Exlar’s rodless actuators use components which are designed for extreme robustness and long life.

By choosing Exlar you can be sure you have the most robust mechanical drive possible in your rodless actuator application. This commitment to quality and long life makes Exlar your sure choice for rodless actuators in industrial applications.

There are numerous advantages to the Extrak design:

  • Speed of over 16 feet per second (5m/sec) is achievable depending on the load, driving motor, and actuator drive type. These higher speeds greatly increase the application versatility of the actuator.
  • Stroke lengths are available up to 22 feet (6.7m). Optional limit switch packages allow the stroke length limits and homing reference positions to be set within the physical limits of the actuator.
  • Flexible – The rodless actuators utilize a close-coupled motor mounting flange for mounting your choice of NEMA or metric dimension motors, gearboxes, clutches, and brakes. This allows the unit to be customized to specific application requirements with the smallest possible package.
  • Shorter overall length – Unlike the rod-style actuator, the extended and retracted lengths are the same. This permits a smaller envelope for the actuator and allows it to be applied in more size restricted applications.

* Some options are not available with every configuration. For options or specials not listed above or for extended temperature operation, please consult Exlar Applications Engineering.

Extrak Series Rodless Actuators AccessoriesOpen arrow

Accessories are available assuring that you can adapt the actuators to perform specific control functions necessary for each application you encounter.

  1. Limit switches
  2. Limit switch cables
  3. T-Nuts
  4. Mounting screws
Extrak Series Rodless Actuators Frame/EnclosureOpen arrow

Exlar rodless actuators consist of a precision aluminum frame/housing with a movable platen. The extruded housing acts as the frame of the unit and provides for the mounting of linear bearing guides and the driving motor. The linear guide system incorporates high performance linear rails which assure high radial stiffness and vibration free operation. These criteria are important to assure both precise execution of motion profiles and extremely long life.
Extrak Series Rodless Actuators MotorsOpen arrow

Exlar Extrak actuators are modular in design thus allowing the user to mount any IEC 60, 90, or 115 mm frame or Nema 23, 34, 42 or 56 frame motor. Motors are available from Exlar, compatible with nearly any servo amplifier. Alternatively the user can readily mount his motor. In this case Exlar will manufacture the adapter flange to the required dimensions for simple mounting of the user’s motor to the actuator.
Extrak Series Rodless Actuators MountingOpen arrow

Mounting of the Extrak actuator to your machine frame is simple. The profile of the Extrak includes multiple sized T-slots which allow mounting to other commercially available extruded machine frame products. These also offer mounting of multiple Extrak modules to each other for multi-axis systems.
Extrak Series Rodless Actuators Profile SizeOpen arrow

Exlar’s Extrak actuators are available in three different profile [frame] sizes; 65 mm, 80 mm, and 110 mm. This allows you to conveniently match the physical size allowed by your application with the required performance. Stroke lengths are available up to 22 feet (6.7m) of usable stroke. These rugged actuators can carry heavy loads in excess of 10,000 lb (4500kg) in high duty applications – even higher loads are possible for intermittent duty service.
Extrak Series Rodless Actuators ProtectionOpen arrow


An optional steel band seal is available for protection. The steel band is held to the case magnetically and covers the belt and guides. This helps to keep debris out of the drive system which may eventually adversely affect the operation of the belt and guides.

All Extrak actuators can be supplied with pressure ports for applying positive air pressure to the actuator in extreme environments. This feature, when employed, will provide additional protection against debris penetrating the housing and affecting operational mechanisms.

Extrak Series Rodless Actuators Toothed Belt DriveOpen arrow

Toothed Belt Drive

Exlar’s belt drive rodless actuator employs a tooth Power Grip™ premium belt from Gates to convert the rotary motion of the driving motion to the high speed linear motion of the platen. The “long-life” belts provide higher possible speeds of up to 16 ft/sec, (5m/sec) and due to their composition allow long life. Please be aware that belt drives exhibit high rotational inertia and that proper matching of the driving motor and actuator is important. A planetary gear reducer is an option to assure proper inertia matching.

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