Our actuation solutions are all built on the same combination of world-class technology, decades of applications experience and exceptional performance and reliability. Our aerospace products are developed to offer long service life in the harshest of environments, taking advantage of our fully vertically integrated design capabilities spanning motors, gearing, brakes, clutches, position sensing and control electronics. Aerospace products can be developed to a customer specification or offered as a Modified Off-The-Shelf (MOTS) solution based on a wide range of existing designs.

Applications outside of aerospace are served by our Exlar product range. Our fully integrated drive/motor/actuators have AC or DC powered servo drives, digital position controllers, brushless servo motors, and roller screw actuators in one elegant, compact, sealed package. Our integrated motor/actuators have a servo motor and roller screw actuator with feedback, connectors, and wiring that can be configured to almost any brand of position controller for a truly “plug and play” risk-free experience. Finally, our electric actuators with roller screw technology and industry leading flexibility are available in many stroke lengths, rod ends, and case options, as well as motor and mounting alternatives.