Manufacturing Services

Manufacturing Services


  • Build-to-print services
  • Assembly, test, and integration services
  • Integration and sub-assembly services
  • Vertically integrated, offering the best solution

Manufacturing, build-to-print, assembly and test expertise

In addition to our design capabilities, Curtiss-Wright provides build-to-print services for complex manufacturing, assembly, test, and integration services. Integration and sub-assembly services include flap transmissions, gearbox PDUs, flap tracks, pneumatic/hydraulic component modules, and various aerospace actuation components. We are vertically integrated for most metal processes, including wet processes, heat treating, plating, and shot peening, which gives us the ability to maintain operational control from start to finish.


  • On-site, vertically integrated machining, processing, and assembly
  • Multiple material capability: hard steel, titanium, cres, aluminum alloys


  • Flap systems
  • Door assemblies
  • Lock assemblies