Aerospace Actuators

Aerospace Actuators

Curtiss-Wright’s actuation technology stems from over 60 years of proven aerospace motion control design and production experience. Utilizing proven linear and rotary electromechanical designs, we employ a modified commercial-off-the-shelf approach to increase speed to market, reduce program risk and ensure all requirements are met. And when it comes to adopting electric actuation, our products reduce maintenance costs and provide more reliability and efficiency than hydraulics. When a custom solution is required, our engineering expertise includes system modeling as well as integration testing and validation. We offer the development of controllers, motors, brakes, sensors and other accessories in-house, which results in a highly optimized solution. Curtiss-Wright's actuation solutions are the trusted choice no matter the space, power, or weight challenge.

Curtiss Wright Actuation can deliver aerospace actuation systems that work for your application. 

Aerospace Actuator Applications:

Curtiss Wright Actuation develops and provides specialist actuators suitable for aerospace applications. 

  • High Lift Systems
  • Weapons Bay Door Actuation
  • Cargo Door Actuation
  • Engine Control Systems
  • Wing Fold Actuation
  • Utility Actuation
  • Flight Control Actuation Systems
  • Payload Bay Door Drive Systems
  • Landing gear actuation systems Utility actuation systems
  • PC-24 Flap and Spoiler Actuation System
  • SyberJet SJ-30 Trailing Edge Flap Actuation System
  • F-22 Main & Side Weapons Bay Door Drive Systems
  • Boeing P8-A MMA Weapons Bay Door Actuation

Curtiss Wright Actuation’s aerospace actuators and cylinder selection comprises hydraulic, pneumatic, and electromechanical actuators and cylinders.

Types of Aerospace Actuator Applications

Defense Aerospace

Commercial Aerospace

Aerospace Actuator Benefits:

  • A legacy in-flight control actuators for aerospace spanning over 100 years
  • Trusted by OEM's globally
  • Rugged design
  • Reliable Solutions for the Toughest Requirements
  • Design for extreme environments
  • Exceptional performance
  • Wide range of applications

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