How to lubricate the front seal gland of the FTX Series actuators

星期四 19 四月 2018

We lubricate the seals on the front and rear of our FTX Series actuators upon initial assembly.  However, the front seal gland should have a small amount of PTFE based lubricant applied to it periodically depending on the amount of use to keep the seal operating smoothly and to prolong the life of the actuator. Below are step by step instructions how to service or replace the front seal in the field.

  1. Remove mounting screws from gland assembly.FTX Series High Force Electric Actuator
    • FTX095, FTX125 Qty. – 4 screws for removal
    • FTX160 and FTX215 Qty. – 8 screws for removal
  2. Undercut spaces or thread jackscrews available to assist in removing the gland assembly from the rod.
    • Undercut available for FTX095 and FTX125
    • For gland assembly removal on the FTX160 and FTX215 thread in 4 of the removed mounting screws into the 4 inner diameter threaded holes and continue to turn until the seal assembly extracts from the main rod.
  3. Remove the assembly off the rod, (retain the hardware and discard the rest of the assembly)
  4. Apply PTFE based lubricant to the internal seal and wiper on the replacement assembly.
  5. Apply PTFE based lubricant to the angled portion of the rod and external o-ring on the assembly.
  6. Slide replacement seal gland assembly over main rod until contact with face plate.
  7. Align screw holes and insert screws with Loctite.
  8. Torque screws according to service manual.

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