Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas


  • Eliminates methane emissions at well pad
  • Outperforms traditional electric, hydraulic and pneumatic solutions
  • Direct replacements for pipeline hydraulics
  • More effective management of pressure drilling choke valves

Actuators That Stand Up To Extremes

The oil and gas industry commonly requires actuators that stand up to extremes and can be installed in hazardous or explosive environments. Most applications are outdoors, which can be problematic for standard pneumatic actuators due to airline problems in varying temperatures. Exlar® manufactures a full spectrum of advanced electric actuators that are well suited for hazardous environments and outdoor temperatures.

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Oil Industry Actuators: Electric Actuators Improve Pipeline Performance

High performance actuators are vital for oil and gas pipelines to allow continuous operation at the highest safe pressure. Many existing hydraulic actuators, suchwestshore1 as the Fisher 350 series, are now obsolete and finding replacement parts is near impossible. Exlar® Tritex II™ Series actuators are robust, fully integrated systems and specifically designed for outdoor use with Class I Div 2 ratings. Analog control as well as Modbus RTU comes standard, with the option of Ethernet IP. Additionally Tritex performs equally well in both northern and southern climates.

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On well sites, where proper pressure control is essential, electric actuators are now being used to effectively manage choke valve applications. The industry leading response time and greater stiffness of these actuators can’t be beat. It is a compact but rugged robust solution that performs equally well in downhole and pipeline crawler applications. Wherever extreme temperatures and other hazards are a concern, our actuators are up to the challenge. For more information, read the article, from Oil and Gas Engineering magazine.

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Well Heads

Now you can increase your revenue and eliminate methane emission reporting with Exlar electric actuators. The TDM75 Tritex II electric actuator is a proven solution for separators, artificial lifts and injection pumps. By eliminating the need to vent natural gas to the atmosphere, this actuator is environmentally friendly and efficient. This powerful but compact system integrates servo motor and roller screw technologies to achieve extreme life, speed and accuracy. All Tritex II actuators include 4-20 mA analog, plus Modbus RTU protocol for connection to PLCs or SCADA systems, with Ethernet I/P as an option. Installation and operating capabilities at temperature extremes from -40 C to 65 C makes Tritex II the right choice for almost any location.

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Eliminate Methane Emissions with Exlar Electric Actuators

For oil & gas production companies, methane emissions via pneumatic venting has become a major cost issue from lost gas revenue, potential fines, EPA reporting requirements and strict area classifications. Remote sites often use natural gas powered pneumatic controllers for process control. The controllers are designed to continuously bleed natural gas resulting in significant methane emissions to the atmosphere. New studies are showing emissions from these low bleed pneumatic actuators are higher than original EPA national emission projections, which could impact the original regulations. In addition, the use of any device that vents methane in an enclosed area forces the area to be classified as Class 1 Division1 explosion proof, adding to the cost of equipment.

A solution to these venting problems is the use of an electric actuator in place of pneumatics, completely eliminating the venting of methane. This regains the lost vented gas revenue, reduces the need for emission monitoring and could allow for re-classification for many enclosed separator batteries to Class I Div 2 status.

Related Applications

Minimizing waste and maximizing your bottom line

CHemInjection1Roller screw electric actuators from Exlar® provide extreme precision for chemical injection pumps, minimizing waste and maximizing your bottom line. Designed for continuous duty operation, Exlar actuators maintain their precision over tens of millions of cycles making them ideal for chemical injection applications.

Easy to retrofit

SeparatorsIntelligent electric valve actuators from Exlar® easily retrofit in place of traditional pneumatic diaphragm actuators on separator dump valves for simple on / off control. Those same actuators are also capable of precisely modulating the flow of product through the valve, offering control engineers new process capabilities not previously available.

Easily retrofit-able to existing control valves

Flow ControlExlar® electric valve actuators provide accurate and precise modulating flow control. Easily retrofit-able to existing control valves, Exlar valve actuators are designed for precision and long life, and are well suited for harsh environments where dependability is a necessary.

Alternative to traditional pneumatic actuators

Exlar® electric valve actuators offer a simple, maintenance free, robust, and reliable solution for plunger lift applications. Exlar actuators provide cleaner alternative to traditional pneumatic diaphragm valve actuation that is both networkable and programmable.

High performance environmentally sound solution

GE-Kammer-valve-actuatorsAccurate, repeatable pressure control is vital to oil and gas pipelines. Our robust actuators outperform competition in Class 1 Division 2 applications in both northern and southern climates. We offer high performance solutions that meet today’s environmental standards.

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