• Clean, quiet and low maintenance
  • High force density
  • High speed
  • Rugged and reliable
  • Precise and programmable

Electric Simulation Takes Center Stage

In the past, manufacturers and users of motion simulators had to accept the inaccuracy, noise and high maintenance cost of hydraulic actuation. Motion simulation requires a clean and easy to use actuator solution. The smooth and accurate motion of Exlar’s linear actuators, combined with today’s servo technology, makes multiple degree-of-freedom motion simulation applications not only cleaner and easier to implement, but also more efficient than outdated hydraulic solutions.

Today, high performance linear and rotary electric actuators from Exlar® offer a new and better alternative to hydraulics. More and more, advanced electric actuators are being used where precision, power and efficiency are required and contamination from oil leaks is no longer permissible.

Building a Better Entertainment Electric Actuator

Built on our extensive experience with planetary roller screw actuators, our all-electric solutions deliver smooth, accurate, programmable control. These actuators uniquely produce all the power density and speed of hydraulic and pneumatic systems without any of their considerable disadvantages and operating expenses. Read how electric actuators have improved training simulators, making for a real world experience.

Exlar’s Unique Design

Exlar’s patented linear actuator is based on a unique design for integrating a robust and efficient threaded roller mechanism into the interior of a high power density, high performance brushless servo motor. This combination results in an all electric actuator which is extremely compact, yet delivers similar performance to a hydraulic cylinder in terms of force, robustness to shock and long service life.

Advantages of All-Electric Actuators

  • Servo control precision and flexibility
  • Higher speeds of up to 60 in/s (1.5 m/s)
  • High load ratings and longer life
  • Reduced risk of specimen damage
  • Space savings (much less infrastructure than hydraulics)
  • Reduced service and maintenance
  • Increased energy savings (90% efficient versus 50% for hydraulics)
  • Reduced set-up and reconfiguration time
  • Quieter operation

Related Applications

Life-like motion


From butterflies to dinosaurs, animatronics uses mechanical devises to mimic the characteristics of the real world counterpart. Smooth, repeatable life-like motion is mandatory. Exlar® electro-mechanical actuators provide smooth, consistent motion in a compact package, all of which are vital to animatronics applications.

Creating the illusion of motion

Electric actuators used in simulation applicationsMotion simulators, such as flight and driving simulators used in the aviation, professional racing, and entertainment industries, require high speed, high force, and high dynamic response to successfully create the illusion of motion. Roller screw electro-mechanical actuators from Exlar® deliver smooth and accurate motion over millions of cycles without the mess, maintenance, and noise associated with traditional hydraulic solutions.

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