Automotive / Tire / Rubber

Automotive / Tire / Rubber


  • Ideal electric alternative to a hydraulic cylinder
  • High power density and high efficiency
  • Long life and low maintenance
  • Rugged and reliable
  • Precise and repeatable

High Performance Actuators Designed for the Automotive Industry

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Automobile manufacturing processes require high force density, precision, reliability and long life. Exlar® high performance automotive industry Actuators deliver all that and much more. Our unique roller screw driven solutions provide superior power, speed, precision, flexibility, efficiency and long life that can’t be matched by hydraulic, pneumatic or electric ball screw driven actuators.

Exlar electric actuators not only outperform competing technologies, they’re built to last. Our products are successfully installed in automobile and related component manufacturing facilities in the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America, China, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Poland and the Czech Republic. Our complete line of electric actuators give you the power and speed of a muscle car, the flexibility and long life of an SUV with the efficiency and relative size of an ultra compact. And, with our small form and configurable solutions, replacement of your existing hydraulic and pneumatic systems is a breeze.

Linear actuation is a core technology for factory automation. Along with fluid power, electromechanical actuators have become increasingly important. However, air and oil systems are riddled with inefficiencies and are difficult to control. A comparison of the three actuator technologies (hydraulic, pneumatic and electromechanical) reveals startling benefits of electromechanical solutions when compared to to additional fluid power. In the automotive industry today, robotic weld guns represent the most prevalent linear actuator application being converted from fluid power to electromechanical.

Robots are used in automotive production plants throughout the world. The main application for robots is spot welding of stamped sheet metal parts. Accuracy and consistency is important to guarantee a quality vehicle chassis as the foundation of the build. Electric actuators are replacing hydraulic and pneumatic versions because they have been shown to be more accurate, consistent and long-lasting.

Related Applications

Offers precise control even for difficult angles

Cnc metal press machine photo shootToday’s manufacturing processes require precise control, especially when the application requires bending definable angles in multiple planes. Exlar® actuators provide the accuracy and flexibility needed for the most demanding applications.

Eliminating maintenance-induced downtime

Tire manufacturing processes are usually very involved, all reliant on one another to create high quality, long lasting tires. Exlar® roller screw actuators are the perfect solution for precisely controlling ply thickness to ensure quality while eliminating maintenance-induced downtime caused by chronic hydraulic leaks.

Minimizing contamination and environmental damage

"Large machine dispensing empty crates, used to pack produce in a greenhouse."Exlar® electro-mechanical actuators allow for precise depositing of adhesives, sealants, grease, and lubricants minimizing environmental damage and cost. Food and beverage dispensing often requires flexibility, efficiency, and high performance, making Exlar actuators the ideal choice.

Networkable and intelligent

Automotive industry and quality control To see my other photos please click here:Intelligent, networkable electro-mechanical actuators from Exlar® provide precise, programmable force control for a wide range of factory automation tooling applications. They are an ideal replacement for less flexible traditional fluid power solutions, including both pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders.

Ideal hydraulic replacement

bearing-pusherRoller screw driven electro-mechanical actuators from Exlar are an ideal alternative to messy, maintenance-prone hydraulic cylinders in high force press applications. In a variety of related metal forming assembly processes, including pressing, inserting, crimping, and riveting, Exlar® actuators provide precise and repeatable force application over millions of cycles with minimal maintenance required.

Improving efficiency and processes

Exlar Automation’s integrated electromechanical actuators seamlessly integrate as the 7th axis on robots from a majority of the leading global industrial robot manufacturers.  Exlar actuators drive end of arm tooling for a wide variety of applications including resistive spot welding, fluid dispensing, and clamping. 

Exlar Automation has successfully integrated actuators with robot controllers from the following manufacturers:

  • Yaskawa
  • Fanuc
  • Comau
  • KUKA
  • Kawasaki
  • ABB
  • Nachi

Contact Exlar for assistance in configuring your application. 

Improving Quality Control Measures

Tire building in an industry where one failure is too many, safety is paramount. With global competition on the rise, manufacturers are looking to increase production without sacrificing the safety needed. Exlar® actuators offer the versatility needed, improving quality control measures from load and puncture testing to checking tensile strength.

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